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I am a British national now living in Sweden.I have always lived and worked with animals and have been very fortunate to have my own horses from an early age.I am an Appaloosa nut and currently own a 7 year old near Leopard spot Appaloosa whom i imported from the UK as a yearling.Together with my horsey husband I backed and trained Chicane using a blend of Natural Horsemanship,Monty Roberts,Parelli and liberty techniques.I'm a great believer in the fact you never stop learning,Especially around animals.I Believe that if we listen,Then they will teach us!
After taking my British Horse society riding exams when younger and having always ridden English whilst living in the UK,Chicane and I now ride Bitless Western and we both love the discipline of Extreme Mountain Trail as well as Cowboy dressage and natural horse agility.I find Western riding and its Lifestyle much more rewarding and instinctive.It's not always about the riding for me,I just love to be around my animal friends and making them as happy as i can.
My love for horses and all things Wild west And Native American inspired me to start designing and creating semi precious,Tribal and bling jewellery for both horse and rider.Please drop by and check out my website; www,equuspiritjewellery.weebly.com

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