WATCH as horse drinks a pint of beer

It isn't every day that you watch a  horse drink a pint of beer! 

On a recent trip to Thwaites brewery, Northern Powerhouse minister and Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry did just that.

Mr Berry, who had previously been to visit the ‘innovators and makers’ of the North in Sheffield, Leeds and elsewhere in Lancashire, was taken on a guided tour of the Penny Street brewers.

At the end of the tour, two of the brewery’s Shire horses were driven out of one of their stables.

The minister even took the time to give one of the horses a pint of Thwaites beer.

Some have commented that the stunt was just that - for publicity and the horse should not have been given beer as it can cause Colic..

The horse certainly looked happy to lap up the Thwaites beer in any case!  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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