Vets horrified at the freakish looking horse thanks to excessive selective breeding

This is not science fiction!  It seems like something out of a science fiction movie but rest assured, this is no movie.  Vets across the world have reacted with horror at the somewhat unnatural concave-faced animals, created using extreme selection as owners select the “physical attributes” of their horses.
According to some, the 'king of horses' has been born in America which has caused outrage by some veterinarians over the use of extreme breeding.   Horses are bred to have concave faces, which some have said leaves them with a 'cartoon-like’ appearance
El Rey cartoon looking horse
El Rey Magnum, an Arabian show horse, is said to be at risk of breathing problems because of his unnatural face. His parents have similarly concave faces. Despite this warning cry, the owners have suggested that he is worth millions of pounds.  
This kind of “extreme breeding” can be seen in cats and dogs, and is the subject of an article in a British journal condemning the practice.
Tim Greet, an equine expert has stated that "The deformity is even more significant for a horse than for a dog.  Dogs, like man, can mouth-breathe, but horses can only breathe through their nose. I suspect exercise would definitely be limited for this horse.’

El Ray Magnum pictured 

Despite defensive statement being released by El Ray’s owners, Jonathan Pycock, president of the British Equine Veterinary Association, said: ‘This is incredible – it’s almost cartoon-like. Quite freakish.’ 


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