This reunion will bring a tear to your eye

We all love a good "reunion" story!

One woman who believed she would never see her childhood pony again got the surprise of her life and it was all down to fate!

Naomi Baskerville Shetland pony named "John Willy Parker" at her childhood riding school 20 years ago at the tender age of six. After two years, she took him on as her very own pony.

Stafford based Naomi outgrew the pony and with a host of other things (such as school) she found that she had less time to spend with John Willy Parker! She let him go to a younger rider.

Following this, the Shetland started to endure health problems and ended up being looked after by the Blue Cross.

In an attempt to cheer Naomi up, her mother took her to an open day event at the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Rolleston-on-Dove. They were surprised to see a picture of John Willy.

“As soon as I saw his picture I just burst out crying. Mum persuaded me to chat to the charity’s team to see if anyone remembered him, but I was worried he might have died since the picture was taken,” Naomi explained. “I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to ask; they all knew him and remembered his cheeky character. Happily he was alive and well and living with a family in Scotland – they even had pictures of him with his new family.”

Later, John Willy came back ion to the care of the Blue Cross and Naomi got a call asking if she would like to visit him.  Since November, he has been living back in her care.

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