The mystery of a horse stuck in a swimming pool

As strange stories go, this is up there!  The case of the horse in the swimming pool! 

The horse had to be rescued by firefighters after getting itself stuck in a swimming pool.

Mackie the horse was found in the swimming pool in a garden in Didcot, Oxforshire, by the homeowners.

Following a call to the Emergency Services, firefighters, along with a vet, eventually managed to get the horse out after pumping all the water from the pool. The horse was wearing a bridle and a blue coat when he somehow ended up going for a swim.

A spokesman for Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Crews from Abingdon, Didcot and specialist vehicles from Kidlington and Wantage Fire Station attended this incident near Didcot. ‘As you can see a horse managed to end up in a swimming pool.

We used a pump to get the water out of the pool and then with the assistance of a local vet where able to remove the horse to safety. ‘An unusual incident and we are pleased to report Mackie the horse is doing well.’

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