Polo Club owner picks up the world's most bespoke luxury Range Rover

When it comes to flash, the owner of Dallas Burston Polo Club has stepped it up a gear with his latest purchase: an exceptionally "bespoke" luxury Range Rover” worth more than £200,000.

The five-litre supercharged Range Rover Autobiography has hand-engraved door handles and “matching letter box dashboard finisher comprising a horses’ head pattern and scripted DALLAS BURSTON POLO CLUB”, as well as a red roof, bronze body and “Polo” embroidery on the seat backs.

As well as hosting polo matches, the club also hosted the British Dressage competition since 2016.

Dr Burston is a former GP and pharmaceutical entrepreneur.  He worked with Listers Land Rover Solihull and Jaguar Land Rover’s special vehicle operations division (SVO) to create the vehicle.

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