Nurse saves horse from wildfires by putting it in her car

A Californian nurse, Lauren Mesaros knew she had to flee from the Tubbs Fire that was engulfing Napa but she also knew that she had to get her three horses to safety!  What happened next saw the internet go into a viral frenzy and the picture of nurse Mesaros and Stardust (her pony) went viral! 

The trailer that the nurse had only had room for two horses - but that didn't stop her!  She loaded Stardust in to the back seat of her car and off they went!  

“He actually walked right into the car like a dog would,” Mesaros said in an interview with SF Gate.

According to Mesaros, she put Stardust into the back of her 2001 Honda Accord, aided by her friend Carol Spears, described by Mesaros as “a horse whisperer.”

The picture made its way to Facebook when the nurse's sister-in-law uploaded it and it has since gone viral with the picture having been shared some 17,000 times with the caption: “When your sister in law Lauren has to evacuate her pony from Santa Rosa but no transport is available – you do what you have to do.”

The horses have been taken to nearby Wind Horse Ranch in Sebastopol to wait out the blaze and while Mesaros’ property has largely been spared from significant damage, her car isn’t so lucky.

“My car will never smell the same again,” she said.

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