Mini pet horse attacked and killed by vicious pit bull dogs

According to the RTV6 News Channel, a man from Monrovia, Indiana is considering pressing charges over the death of one of his pet mini horses by two Pit Bull dogs.

Mac Maclouds horse was killed by pit bull dogs

The owner, Mac McCloud, only bought the horses two two months ago for his granddaughter.  On returning home, he found the two pit bull terrier dogs near his horses' stall on Sunday 29th October 2017.

On seeing the blood dripping from the dogs he became worried and went to check on the horses' wellbeing.

When he entered the stall he found his horse named "Velvet" bleeding with injuries to her stomach and leg. The other horse named "Big Boy" was on the ground bleeding heavily. He died before a vet arrived at the home.

The horse was dead by the time police got there

Animal control was able to capture one of the dogs, but police believe the other is still on the loose.

"I’m frustrated because what if that was a child? And I said, you know, we're close to a school. It could have been just as easy a child as it could have been my horse,” said McCloud to the RTV6 News Channel.

pit bul dog attacked and killed the horse Big Boy

Monrovia police said the investigation is ongoing. 

RTV6 reached out to the dogs' owner, but they did not answer.

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