Horse-riding Siamese Cat taking best friend, Comet the Pony, on a scenic trek in Devon

As the internet becomes more prolific and as our news feeds become ever more saturated with dog, cat (and horse!) accounts, as human, we’re starting to recognise and appreciate unlikely friendships.

When 35 year old, professional horse trainer, Emma Massingale, decided to go for a ride one day, little did she know she would be visited by a furry Christopher Columbus.

Ms Massingale said: 'It all started when I was riding Comet and I would just tap my leg and Louis would jump on.

'Now all I have to do is tap Comet's back and Louis is straight there. He doesn't need any more encouragement than that.

'Louis rides whenever he likes really, sometimes just in the area sometimes he comes out for a longer wander.'

Although Louis is an intrepid explorer, he won't be caught riding out in the rain.

Ms Massingale added: 'People often do a double take when they see him out but lots don't notice him until he meows.

'I have to watch out for dogs but Louis seems to like to ride so doesn't jump down when we are out.'

Now, Ms Massingale has had Comet, a five-year-old Connemara Pony, for three years and Louis, a six-year-old Siamese cat, for about a year and you will often find the friends nuzzling up together after a day of riding.
Louis will jump onto Comet, the pony’s back, sit down and off they will go for a walk near their home in Devon.

If you’re ever in the area, give them a wave!

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