Horse down in London's New Year Parade

London’s New Year Parade is a speculator worth seeing. Every year, it’s full of dancers, acrobats, cheerleaders, marching bands, historic vehicles and of course, horse-drawn carriages,  

Now, we’ve all been there. The anxious sweats before we walk across a stage in front of hundreds of people and the phrase “Do not trip, do not trip.” echoes repeatedly in your mind.

Well, unfortunately for Marty (not to be mixed up with McFly), a 14-year-old stallion, made the headlines this year whilst pulling his carriage (with friend), tripped and caught his leg in front of the whole nation down Waterloo Place. He’s not going to live that one down for a while.

Thankfully, Marty’s owners are more caring than our friends would be to us. Marty has since been pictured resting with extra carrots as he recovers from the traumatic event in his field in Huntington.

“Marty is in fine fettle today – completely unharmed – and enjoying the limelight,” said director Geraldine Bone, who witnessed the fall.

His handler said Marty caught his hind leg on a harness pole and was released "in textbook fashion."

… the stereotypical fashion of tripping on your dress.

A spokesman for London’s New Year’s Day Parade said: “The online response has been amazing – we have had hundreds of messages from around the world from people wanting to know that Marty was alright.”

Well done internet.   

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