David Letterman sent Conan O'Brien a horse he did not want!

OK so being sent a horse is a pretty cool gift by anyones' standards but if you are not geared up to care for it, then it can be a bit of a pain!  Being a large animal, it is also hard to control (and let's not forget that horses can create large amounts of poop!)  On Jimmy Kimmell's show, David Letterman told the audience that he had actually given Conan O’Brien a horse, because that’s what passes as a fun (if you’re someone like him!)  Letterman told Kimmel that he fully expected O'Brien to return the horse quickly, but Conan’s wife took to the horse and they haven’t given it back, which means Letterman’s prank became quite expensive (but with a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps not!) “It was supposed to be a joke!” he said. “How crazy can the horse be?”

Conan O’Brien expanded on the prank and told his side of this story to Stephen Colbert (above). 

Apparently, the horse is named "Dave" and according to O'Brien it was "very young at the time of the gifting", which inadvertently means that it will live for a long time.  According to O'Brien, his wife has found an equine massage center where the horse can live (and supposedly find love with a Charlie Rose horse).

So did Letterman ask for the horse back? How much did this prank cost either side?  We suspect it will cost O'Brien more in the long run but hey - you can't put a price on love! 

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