Sunday, October 21, 2018

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A beginner’s guide to hunting

OK, so hunting isn't for everyone and it is probably one of the most divisive topics but many say that it has its place in the countryside and below we answer a few pertinent questions on the lips of beginner hunters. How do I know where to go to hunt? To find your local hunt, visit www.mfha.org/hunts (foxhounds) or www.amhb.org.uk (harriers and beagles, click...

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How to choose the right riding school

It does sound simple - selecting a riding school - but there is a lot to think about. The choice you make when selecting a riding school can effect how your riding career pans out and indeed, whether or not you continue to ride at all.  Some schools just don't suit certain riders.  For any rider, especially a novice rider...

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Why your horse should wear boots (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

NOTE: This Video is graphic, scientific and very informative.  It is worth watching the whole video but certainly watch minutes17-19. The video shows what happens when horses over-reach and hit their tendons; thus it is fundamental to the horse's  wellbeing for them to be wearing boots.

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Keeping children safe around horses

It is only natural that you want to share the fun and joy of horse ownership with your children (and grandchildren). Horses are an amazing and fun thing to own and they will help instil confidence and discipline in to your children also. The responsibility of owning a horse far outweighs almost all other animals (as you well know if...

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TOP TIPS to calm a spooked horse

It should not come as a surprise when we say that horses can be nervous or unpredictable creatures!  They have a healthy (and natural) fear of unexpected instances – such as smells, movements and sounds that may well signal a predator.  This reaction to the unknown.  For riders, a horse's natural fear can lead them to be labeled as “unpredictable”...

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How much does it (really) cost to own a horse?

If you have owned an animal – any animal, you will no doubt be aware that they can cost money.  Not all cost the earth but trust us when we tell you that horses are among the more expensive to own. Ponies are often admired by children; it looks such fun, saddling them up and riding.  Without any doubt, this is...

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TOP TIPS for new riders and beginners

Read our short list of things to help new riders become better, more confident riders. Hands in the air Instinct leads us to use our arms and hands to give balance and beginner riders will often hold their hands way up in the air, sometimes even as high as shoulder height. If this is the case, it means that the...

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I bought a lame horse. Do I have a legal case?

Buying a horse is not as straightforward as buying an “off the shelf” product like we do most days; it takes some time and thought and in most cases a process of due diligence. If you have bought a horse and s/he is lame, consider the below: Did the buyer have a pre-examination? If the buyer had opted for a...

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Things to consider when buying a new horse

Before you buy a horse there are some major points to consider.  Below is just a few of the most prevalent things to consider when buying a horse or pony: Can you afford it  – this is broken down in to time and financially. Buying a horse is a serious investment of both of the above.. Do you have enough free...

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TEN things to do when selling a horse

What is the best and most effective way to sell a horse or pony?  The short answer is that there is no magic answer but there are steps any seller should take to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  Take a look: The correct price. The price is probably the main contributing factor to selling a horse and...

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