Sunday, October 21, 2018

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My horse is refusing to eat

It is a problem that most horse owners will come across at least in their horse riding career but one that can be incredibly frustrating. You have taken the time to research and select an appropriate feed for your horse yet s/he turns their nose up at it. If a horse is hungry, and all reasons for not eating (illness/other...

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Identifying equine herpes and treatment

There are two distinct strains of the equine herpes virus: EHV1, which normally causes respiratory problems.  In rare cases, EHV1 causes neurological problems leading to paralysis and often abortion in pregnant mares.  The second strain of the equine herpes virus is EHV4, which is usually identifiable by its affect on respiratory problems and sometimes, abortion in pregnant mares. The signs of equine...

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Golden rules for feeding your horse

We get so many questions from members asking about feeding plans and tips on the best foods/rules for feeding.  If you are an experienced horse owner you will likely know the rules of the game but if you are a new rider, below are 10 golden rules for feeding your horse: FRESH CLEAN WATER – AT ALL TIMES. Most “staffed”stables...

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